Diaspora information

The Diaspora Division of the Embassy is responsible for raising the level of awareness and understanding among the Diaspora and mobilizing them to take part in Ethiopia’s development activities.

The division, inter alia;

* conducts interactive meetings and group discussions with Diaspora members and provides further clarifications on issues raised by the Diaspora Community;
* encourages and assists the Diaspora to participate in business and investment activities in Ethiopia;
* facilitates knowledge and technology transfer initiatives, by establishing linkages with relevant institutions in Ethiopia;
* undertakes efforts to encourage the Diaspora to open Foreign Currency Diaspora Accounts in Pounds Sterling (GBP), US Dollars and Euros;
* facilitates a productive and meaningful synergy between the Diaspora Civic, Professional, Community and Development associations with their local counterparts, institutions and development organizations in Ethiopia;
* coordinates the overall activities associated with the Ethiopian Grand Renaissance Dam Bond purchase;
* identifies challenges and opportunities associated with the existing policies and directives related with the Diaspora overall engagement in Ethiopia;