Press Release: On the Media and alleged human rights violations and other crimes committed in #Tigray

Release: On the Media and alleged human rights violations and other crimes
committed in #Tigray

international media have been busy reporting crimes of all sorts of nature in
the Tigray region since the beginning of the law enforcement operation that
followed the unwarranted and surprise attack by the TPLF clique on the members
of the Northern Command of the Ethiopian Defense Force on 4 November 2020. The
government of Ethiopia not only sympathizes with the affected people and
appreciates the rightful attention given to the protection of the rights of
civilians in the Tigray region, but also leaves no stone unturned until the
truth is revealed and perpetrators are brought to justice. Be that as it may,
the government of Ethiopia believes that it has to set the records straight on
slanted reports that continued to portray the federal government as an
instigator of all crimes, while the belligerent TPLF appears to be the underdog
that happens to be at the receiving ends of the alleged atrocities and human
rights violations in the region.


government of Ethiopia urges the international community to not be easily
swayed by the propaganda campaign of the TPLF clique and its sympathizers,
including the international media that tend to whitewash the crimes of the
clique that has a track record of committing ineffable atrocities on Ethiopians
for more than three decades. It should not also be forgotten that the
government of Ethiopia has been dealing with a criminal enterprise that had
been armed to its teeth and it would be naive to rule out the possibilities of
civilian causalities during the rule of law operations in the region. As we
have repeatedly said undesirable things might occur when dealing with a group
that does not hesitate to use civilians as human shields and their household as


government of Ethiopia, once again, is deeply dismayed by the deaths of
civilians and the unfortunate circumstances that led them to endure unbearable
situations. The government has a policy of zero tolerance for human rights
violations and is committed to holding into account whosoever is involved in
the alleged rights violations. The recent agreement between the Ethiopian Human
Rights Commission and the UN to run a joint investigation on alleged human
rights violations in the region is a manifestation of the Ethiopian federal
government’s devotion to taking the matter seriously.


the international community has continued to be bombarded by biased reports
that do not corroborate with the facts on the ground. Selective perceptions of
news reports and journalists who have continued to observe things through
colored glasses taint news outputs that often tend to find the federal
government of Ethiopia as the usual suspect for all the allegedly committed
human rights violations in the Tigray region. All the rush to accuse the
government even tends to overshadow the well-substantiated crime committed
against humanity by the TPLF clique on the innocent civilians of the Maikadra


problem with TPLF is not just in initiating the crime, but its resolve to twist
the truth and concoct stories through doctored footage in a bid to continue
misinforming the world. And the sad thing is that the international media has
been readily picking such products of the clique without giving second thoughts
while pretending to fail to notice the clique’s wrongs. To make matters worse,
TPLF has staunch and bankrolled accomplices who are self-acclaimed gurus on
matters of Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa.


international community will understand the matter at hand objectively by
applying a rudimentary level of logical reasoning heeding to the fact that the
concerted disinformation campaign by International media on Ethiopia cannot be
a basis for the reality on the ground. This understanding entails that
Investigations on the credibility and scope of allegations in the region should
be substantiated by independent bodies and not by simply relying on the mere
accusatory reports of news agencies.


Putting all the blame for alleged
crimes on the Ethiopian government and turning a blind eye to the misdeeds of
TPLF that continued to play the victim will not be a viable way to give justice
to affected people. Acknowledging the initiatives to run independent
investigations over the alleged human rights violations in the region could be
the first step to take. Holding the irresponsible TPLF clique, that has
continued to urge the people of Tigray to continue fighting for meaningless
causes, accountable for the sufferings it has caused and the human rights
violations it has continued to committing in the region is another step to take
as a genuine concern to ease up the sufferings of civilians.

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